1. Do you have any benefit to use a scratching post for my cat?

    The use of scrapers brings many benefits, allows kittens do your daily exercise stretching her body toning your muscles of legs, shoulders and back, plus it gives them calm and relaxation.

  2. How can I get my cat to use the scraper?

    We make your scraper is a nice place, we can start making him cuddles and caresses by the scraper and occasionally reward him with a treat when he does join him.

  3. Where should I place the scraper?

    The ideal place for a scraper inside you house or apartment should be where people have concurrency because the cat likes to be in good company.

  4. How do I clean the scraper?

    Every other day suck beds and backs scraper to remove excess hair cat. Wash the dry foam scraper (single beds) approximately every six months., Let dry, not wet the sisal rope, since it is natural, it could be altered.